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when you hurt when you suffer

i'm your angel undercover

-;- goddess on my knees -;-
13 March
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I wish I was in Tiajuana eating barbecued iguana.

You also wanna know what I wish? That we were measured by our maturity and not our birthdates.

Bisexuality is Real.
accidental births, alan cumming, androgyny, anime, b, bandages, bisexuality, bishounen, blue man group, bohemian like you, british rap, camisoles, charlie, cheyvonne, chinaware, ciel, cowboy bebop, cucumber melon, daft punk, dalí, dead poets society, diet vanilla pepsi, digimon, dilandau albatou, dio elaclaire, dio/luciola, divorcing cheyvonne, dragostea din tei, dreamcatchers, eevee, escaflowne, etymology, fanfiction, farwell, felines, fingernails, flcl, flvs, fooly cooly, foreign languages, franz ferdinand, furi kuri, gir, go, gorillaz, green eyes, guardians, hands, harry potter, hipbones, hoodies, hot cocoa, hot hot heat, hot tomales, i am the walrus, i'm only sleeping, ignorant misery, inspiration, invader zim, jack white, jalopy jazz, jamiroquai, jeff, jet, jhonen vasquez, johnny depp, kinky, kisses to the forehead, kissing in the rain, languages, last exile, lightning, linguistics, literature, lucca, luciola, manga, meghann mccall, michael mones, mint skittles, moo juice, moondance, mythology, nanowrimo, nightcrawler, oasis, obscurity, ocsa, ode et amo, outkast, paperback writer, parakiss, photography, pianists, pisces, plastic utensils, play days, poetry, psychology, rareslash, raziel, razzmatazz, rhps, roleplaying, romantic endeavors, root beer dum dums, sarah slean, scars and stripes, seal, self discovery, senah, seven-hour phone conversations, shocktarts, shounen ai, showering in the dark, slash, sleeper, smutfic, soul reaver, squee, stephen king, stroganoff, sunglasses at night, surrealism, technical theatre, the cheese monkeys, the dandy warhols, the great frantic novel, the guild, the streets, the vines, theatre, thunder, thunderstorms, tim curry, trigun, unintelligible romantics, unintelligible symbolism, unrequieted love, verandahs, victorian houses, water, what not to say, what not to wear, willis, wind, writing, y!m chess, yaoi, you're my wonderwall